Northwest Primary School and Pierpoint Primary Learning Center make up our two-building learning community on Pierpoint Avenue. The faculty, staff, and administration would like to welcome you to an outstanding Pre K through grade 2 learning experience.

What Is Northwest Primary School/Pierpoint Primary Learning Center?

The Northwest Primary School and the Pierpoint Primary Learning Center (PPLC) make up the “two building, one learning community” on Pierpoint Avenue. We represent two of the three primary buildings in Rutland Public Schools. We house Early Essential Education (EEE), kindergarten, first, and second grade classrooms at Northwest. At PPLC, we provide a “non graded” setting for three equal groups of kindergarten, first, and second graders.

  • We have 12 classrooms at Northwest. Four full day kindergarten programs (One of which will “loop” this year to first grade.), four first grades and four second grades. Across the road at PPLC there are three classrooms and a community learning center.
  • At PPLC the students are divided into “home base” classrooms, they are grouped by their developmental ability, and they have some instruction as a large community.

If You Would Like to Contact the School…

Dial 802-773-1946