Loren’s Opening Page Letter

A Message From the Principal:

July 2021,

Dear Parents, Families, and Friends,

Welcome to Northwest Primary School!   Our faculty and staff appreciate that when we team up with parents, families, and community partners, our children flourish in their learning, social skills, and self confidence.  Please embrace opportunities to be a part of our school community. We count on you to be part of our team!

Dedication, professionalism, and responsiveness…these words and more describe the faculty and staff at Northwest.  You will find that at Northwest all staff accept responsibility for every child in our school, responding with great care, understanding, and respect.  Our students are in excellent hands with the faculty and staff at Northwest.

We are passionate about teaching and learning and eager to see children grow as much as possible.  How can you help? Become involved. Volunteer. Talk to children about school. Let them know you have an interest in all they are learning.   When parents, families, and friends treat school as important, children recognize its importance, too.

Research clearly indicates that a child’s primary school years are most critical.   All future learning is built upon the foundation set in these early years. Please join us in our quest to ensure that each child who walks through our doors will learn to his/her greatest potential and grow to become a confident, compassionate student who loves school.   All of us at Northwest and Pierpoint Learning Center look forward to an exciting new year with our students!

Most sincerely,

Loren M. Pepe, Principal