Northwest Tapestry Program

STEM Enrichment Activity

Students applied their lessons regarding electricity –  how you must complete and close a circuit in order for light to work.  The children built circuits with tinfoil and learned how to complete/close a circuit and getting their Christmas lights to work.

Deb Marchese, Site Coordinator

Northwest Primary School Tapestry Program
80 Pierpoint Avenue
Rutland, VT   05701

Tapestry Cell Phone (802) 779-7581

Staff Members:

  • Amy Blanchard, Group Leader
  • Phyllis Smith, Group Leader
  • Nichole Boivin, Group Leader
  • Charles Booth, Assistant
  • Kelsey Birdsey, Assistant
  • Jenna Schiller, Assistant
  • Amanda Gurney, Home School Coordinator
  • Ashleigh McDonough, Academy Coordinator

Hours of Operation:

After School until 5:30 p.m.

Summer 8:00 a.m -5:30 p.m.

Children Served:

Grades Kindergarten through Second